Monday, 25 March 2013

' Lantern Chillies ' Are In Full Bloom

I was surprised to see my ' Lantern Chilli ' in full bloom :)  The plant is almost three feet tall and growing well.  I thought it would take at least 6 months to get acclimatize to lowland ground but it is flowering and in full bloom after just 3 months after which Josh brought it back from Cameron Highland for me.   I hope the birds will not feed on them or even if they do, I pray they will leave a few for me .  I love the fragrant smell and the hotness of these chillies .These chillies are great in light soy sauce and is a great accompaniment for noodles . The hot climate is good for the plant.  I noticed that it needs plenty of water too :)  Will keep you updated on  the chillies when they are ripe for plucking.  Now I pray that the birds will leave them alone :p   I am looking forward to harvesting them in a month's time .  Stay tuned for the updates.

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