Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Skipping Rope With With Smiley Piggies

These cutie faces sure put a smile on my face each morning I see them on my desk.   I placed them on my new mug for the time being so that I get to see them every morning LOL!  They have a smiling face and this truly makes my day...seeing them on my desk boosts my day and they in turn put a smile on my face and WB will ask me why I am smiling while taking my morning cup of oats.  :)  WB will never understand that such a thing can make me smile.  This is another addition of Piggy memorabilia for my treasure box.  Thank you to dear Cuz Piggy for this gift :)  I love it to bits

I hope these Piggies will put a smile on your face 
and brings joy to you too as you are reading this post

*            *            *

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