Monday, 25 March 2013

The Fragrance Is Truly Uplifting ! I Smell This Every Morning :)

One part of me hates the hot and humid weather but on the other hand, I love it for my plants.  The flowers are blooming beautifully in my unkept garden :p   The  miniature 'jasmine ' plant - I don't really know the botanical name for this flower , is flowering . I apologize for not being able to give the name of the plant , but I know it belongs to the jasmine family.  The fragrance from this flower is exactly like the jasmine flowers.  The flowers are tiny white and the fragrance is like the fragrance from the Jasmine flower.  I planted the plant near my letter box . And each time , I open the letter box, I bound to smell the sweet fragrant of refreshing !  The flowers bloom through out the year. The flowers look pristine white and pure and smell good.  Every morning , I will not stop to look at them.  They truly are inspirting - reminding me what a great Creator I have and this flower reminds me to stay pure and holy unto The Lord  :)   God is good..even in such an unkept condition, the garden smells good and still looks great with flowers blooming everywhere :)   God is good all the time and all the time God is good !

Thanksgiving prayer taken from here

Lord, the world around me is proof of your bounty. 
Beauty and comfort surround me.  
I am blessed by your special gifts to me.
You made me in your image and gave me all that I need for living and being content.
Thank you Lord for all these bountiful gifts.
Help me to always remember the source of my being and of all that I have and enjoy
Remind me that all that I have is given by you alone
Remind me to praise you in all things.
In Christ’s name I pray.                                                

*               *              *

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