Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Piggy Fridge Magnet

This Piggy fridge magnet was given to me by Jo . Awwww it is such a cute piggy....all pink and beautiful...made of ceramic with a magnetic backing.  I adore its face so much that I immediately place in on the fridge door to add to my other collection.  I just have to show off to you here :p  It makes me happy seeing it looking sweet and adorable there on the fridge door whenever I am in the kitchen. Collecting all these cuties on my fridge door has turned me into a 5 year old kid instead of 25 * ooops is it 25 LOL! Just the same, I love them looking piggy and porky !  Than you Jo for such a cute and priceless gift.  This is the only exception that I did not place it in my Piggy treasure container !  Its rightful place is on my fridge door :))) and guess what ?  I named her PINKY !  :)    

Now, I will be collecting Piggy fridge magnets and soon 
Wild Boar will have his ' Piggies relatives ' staying in his kitchen, LOL ! 

Have a nice day !

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