Thursday, 5 December 2013

Piggy Socks

These socks are so cute...LOL! I told Piggy Cuz....I WANT THIS TOO ! Awww....this pair of cute oh so cute Piggy ankle socks are for Piggy Jo....not ME!!! I am just kidding Piggy Cuz....but I want if it is a pair of Oven Gloves...can I use it for my oven ???  Oh No ! Piggy Jo will roast me alive !  I took picutres of the pair of them first before I hand them over to her :p   Just wanna share with you guys how cute and pretty these piggy face socks full of love are and YES they cheer me up each time I look at them :)))) They travelled all the way back with Piggy Cuz from Seoul.  ON behalf of JO , I would like to say thank you Piggy Cuz for this pair of cuties...I am sure Piggy Jo will love them to bits and maybe she will ask me to save guard it in my Piggy treasure box........haha ...someone is oinking away...hahaha Piggy Jo or Piggy Cuz?  * wink wink   Did you guys notice the sticker is a piggy too ! How cute...the love for piggy stuff has gone viral...even Piggy Cuz loves piggy stuff now :p

Have fun looking at them :)
and have a great day !

*          *          *

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