Saturday, 14 December 2013

Sexy Piggy Wrist Rest Pad

Oh My Gosh...I find this cute Piggy so sexy the first time I laid my eyes on it :p   My Piggy Cuz gave this to me..she is a gem alright...travelling everywhere and when she sees a Piggy, she will want to bring it home for me.  Can you guess what this is? Yea , it is a wrist rest pad in the shape of a Piggy sun bathing...a sexy one too !  It is filled with water ...soft yet firm...and the right pad for me to rest my wrist while blogging LOL!  Genius!

It is suitable for me as this moment , after surgery, I can't sit too long nor holding a mouse for too long and this came in useful !  I can stay a bit longer blogging away :)  Thank you Piggy Cuz for this lovely giftand the thought that goes with it.  I love all the piggies you gave me and I treasure them much :)

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