Wednesday, 29 January 2014

A Kitchen Handbook - Japanese Cooking

This kitchen handbook on Japanese cooking is another addition to all my cookbooks on my shelf. This is my Christmas present from my Piggy Joanna :)   I love this book ! It is handbook on Japanese ingredients, equipment , techniques and contains 100 greatest Japanese recipes, step by step by Yasuko Fukuoka .  It contains beautiful pictures too.  After flipping through the book, I know what I am going to cook for dinner :) Yea, I am a glutton :p and I love all the recipes in this book.  But wait till you see sushi in Nice will drool and you will surely change your mind and look at sushi in a different light with or without this Japanese Cooking - A Kitchen Handbook :)

I love this book very much and thank you Piggy Joanna for this Christmas gift.  I shall treasure it and when you are back for your holiday, I shall make this compressed sushi with smoked salmon for you. So for the time being, just drool over it  LOL!  yea , I am the wicked Momsie alright ! 

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