Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Maki Sushi Roll Mould

Yay ! another sushi mould to my sushi making collection !  I make my own sushi sometimes when I am in the mood for Japaneses food . My Piggy Cuz is also a great fan of sushi and she asked me if I have come across sushi shop in Nice.  She said the sushi are special.  She asked if I know how to make cheese sushi ?  I told her of course ! :p   With this maki sushi roll mould , I can make sushi of anykind she wants :)  Maki sushi packed with avocado and cheese...mmmm yummy !

I found this maki sushi roll mould from a Japanese shop.  It has simple picture instructions on how to use it.  Simple and you can have a perfect maki in seconds. Not expensive and very practical .  Good buy !

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