Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Silicone Microwave Pot Holder

This silicone pot holder is given to me by my buddy Claire of Caring Is Not Only Sharing.  Most of my friends know I collect Piggy shaped items :p so they never forget to get me something piggy LOL!  This is useful when I need to take something out of the microwave.  Thank you Claire for getting this cutie pie for me.  I love it and will be using it soon !

Another cute item for the kitchen !

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Church Music Ministry

The church youths are doing a great job in the church music ministry.  We realised that we need to give them the best we could when it comes to musical instruments and many of them have signed up for drum lesson under the youth training department.  The youths love Hill Song kind of worship music. Their youth music leader is a very dedicated young adult and is doing a great job in bringing up young musicians in the church. He suggested that we get a axis al-2  with an improved drive-shaft linkage which is specifically desgined to maintain the all ball bearing action that will sets these pedals apart from the rest in the industry.  Mmmm... I was thinking that if the church fund for the music ministry is sufficient this year, we can order one for the youths. A good investment....this will give the drummer a better control to the beat.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

God's Awesome-ness

When we look at things around us....the flowers, the birds and the insects, we , most of the time take these creations for granted.  Sometime back, I saw this very filmsy looking bird nest ( unlike those that you see...sturdy ones ) this nest was made of dried leaves and scraps of plastic on the outside and hanging so filmsy on a thin thread on my palm tree in my small little side garden space. I was amazed and it reminded me how gracious and caring our God is !  He really provides for the birds in the sky as mentioned in the Bible. He provides the birds with skill to build nest for themselves when nestling time comes.  Awesome ! the nest looks filmsy on the outside but when I looked at the inside...gosh ! see the neatly woven dried fine twigs...for the mother bird to lay their eggs and hatch the eggs......I thank God for His Awesome-ness !  I learn so much from this !  Birds have no hands like us and yet with just their beaks, they can built their nest strong enough to withstand the wind and rain !  After the babies left their nest...then only God allowed the nest to be brought down by the rain and the nest landed on my car .  I took a picture of the inside of the nest to show you how great our God is.   

look how filmsy it looked on the outside but wait till you see
the inside....and I am in awe just looking at the construction 
of the nest.......

even threads are used to hold the nest....wonderful !

and look at how the dried twigs are woven together to hold the babies 
and keep them warm...fantastic

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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Japanese Roses In Full Bloom !

When the sun shines on the roses buds, they bloom , as big as they can open up.  Love the color of these roses.  They are tiny yet they look beautiful when in full bloom.  I did not know that the leaves can be eaten until a friend told me .  What a surprise. I checked out the internet and found out that they can be eaten as salad.  My friend told me that the leaves are tasty but I have yet to try it out :)   For now, they are there in the garden to give me pleasure :)

Have a great weekend !