Tuesday, 22 July 2014

God's Awesome-ness

When we look at things around us....the flowers, the birds and the insects, we , most of the time take these creations for granted.  Sometime back, I saw this very filmsy looking bird nest ( unlike those that you see...sturdy ones ) this nest was made of dried leaves and scraps of plastic on the outside and hanging so filmsy on a thin thread on my palm tree in my small little side garden space. I was amazed and it reminded me how gracious and caring our God is !  He really provides for the birds in the sky as mentioned in the Bible. He provides the birds with skill to build nest for themselves when nestling time comes.  Awesome ! the nest looks filmsy on the outside but when I looked at the inside...gosh ! see the neatly woven dried fine twigs...for the mother bird to lay their eggs and hatch the eggs......I thank God for His Awesome-ness !  I learn so much from this !  Birds have no hands like us and yet with just their beaks, they can built their nest strong enough to withstand the wind and rain !  After the babies left their nest...then only God allowed the nest to be brought down by the rain and the nest landed on my car .  I took a picture of the inside of the nest to show you how great our God is.   

look how filmsy it looked on the outside but wait till you see
the inside....and I am in awe just looking at the construction 
of the nest.......

even threads are used to hold the nest....wonderful !

and look at how the dried twigs are woven together to hold the babies 
and keep them warm...fantastic

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