Saturday, 30 August 2014

Joie Piggy Kitchen Timer

This is so cute that I have to place her on my kitchen shelf.  Placed in a position that I can see her when I am in my kitchen heaven. She is so useful ...I use her to time my eggs, my bakes in the oven and when I am boiling something that needs accurate timing.  Thank you Gertrude for getting her for me.  

So super happy with this cutie pie timer

Enjoy and have a great weekend !

Soundproofing For Music Room

My girl is thinking of getting a drum set for herself . People who plays the drum are supposedly to be highly intelligent.  Wow, I quite believe the article that says people who plays the drum are intelligent people. She plays for the church when she was a teenager and she is now doing her PhD in I quite believe that statement :)

She plans to have a music room in her house. And getting the drum set would be a good idea.  First she has to make her music room soundproofed before she gets the drum set home or her neighbor will give her a piece of her mind.   She has to tell the contractor to use soundproof foam  for her room , the walls panelling plus the seats.  She will need to spend a bit more on the room but to a good cause. Love thy neighbors ...or they will shoot her down with the drumming ! :)

Thursday, 21 August 2014


My hibiscus plants were infested with mealy bugs two months ago and I was so worried that these bugs might destroy my plants. I have a few different types of hibiscus in my little space I called " my garden ". I asked around and a Sifu from Malaysia Gardeners Group in facebook came to the rescue. He asked me to ferment some garlic and spray on them.  It did not straight away free my plants from the mealy bugs.  After gathering more information...I put together their tips and came up with this mixture . Mix a litre of water with 1tsp of dish washing liquid, 1tsp of fermented garlic and 1/8 tsp of neen oil . Sift the mixture and pour into a spray bottle.  Spray on the part infected by mealy bugs and wash them away.  I did this every morning for the past one month and VIOLA, all the mealy bugs disappeared and now my hibiscus are blooming everywhere and this taught me what thing .In life we have to ask around and PATIENCE  yield SUCCESS! 

A random post to boost the day :)

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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Caught It ! A Random Shot

I love insects and birds and dogs...I am basically a love the nature person....but seeing this insect making holes on my plants...I don't know whether to be happy or annoyed :p  It is feeding on my Rangoon Creeper . I took out my camera and took a picture of this culprit haha it is orange in color and I can't tell you what insect this is but would appreciate if someone can tell me what this insect is :)

A random shot and post of my garden happenings :)

Have a great day though and I hope this will cheer you up !

Friday, 1 August 2014

Big Bad Wolf Sale First Time In Ipoh

I was so happy when I got the news through facebook that Big Bad Wolfwill be having its book sale at PHL Convention Centre, Menglembu, Ipoh.  I wanted to go on the first day but because I was not sure where the place is , I could not go on the opening day.  I managed to go on the second day and I was hoping that there are more cookbooks for me to lug back but unfortunately disappointment was what I felt.  Not many books as compared to KL.  I managed to lug back only 4 cookbooks which I think is good and should join my other cookbook collection :)  I hope Big Bad Wolf will choose a bigger place next time and give us more books for us to lug back home :)

Big Bad Wolf Book Sale...First in Ipoh and the crowd was overwhelming
I hope BBWS will bring more books the next time and a better venue

these are the four books I brought home to join my other books 
on the shelf :) 

Exploring China -  Ken and Ching cook their way across China, 
searching for exciting new flavours and culinary ideas as well as
the ultimate recipes for favourites such as Peking duck. Here they have
created a definitive collection of 100 recipes- 
the very best that modern China has to offer

1) Simple To Sensation - The Perfect Dinner Party Cook Book by Jun Tanaka
2) Exploring China by Ken Hom & Ching-He Huang (she is hosting
the show on Astro " Easy Chinese Cooking " )
3) Bread Revolution  - Rise Up & Bake by Duncan Glendinning & Patrick Ryan
4) Fish & Seafood - Variations - H.F.Ullmann

Bread Revolution demystifies the bread making process with more than
65 easy to follow recipes for everyday breadsm delicious flavored loaves,
sweet treats and accompaniments

This Variations Fish and Seafood Cookbook offers a true alternative to the daily kitchen routine
because it contains both reliable basic recipes and clever variations. Depending 
on the ingredients available and individual preference, you can use 
this book to conjure up over 200 different fish and seafood dishes
34 basic recipes and 150 suggestions for side dishes, 
sauces, dips, and salads

In this unique cookbook, chef and TV presenter Jun Tanaka 
demonstrates through just a few steps, how to change a 
simple everyday recipe into a spectacular dinner party shows-stopper. 
June devised easy recipes to help beginners and 
passionate cooks build a range of kitchen skills.


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