Saturday, 30 August 2014

Soundproofing For Music Room

My girl is thinking of getting a drum set for herself . People who plays the drum are supposedly to be highly intelligent.  Wow, I quite believe the article that says people who plays the drum are intelligent people. She plays for the church when she was a teenager and she is now doing her PhD in I quite believe that statement :)

She plans to have a music room in her house. And getting the drum set would be a good idea.  First she has to make her music room soundproofed before she gets the drum set home or her neighbor will give her a piece of her mind.   She has to tell the contractor to use soundproof foam  for her room , the walls panelling plus the seats.  She will need to spend a bit more on the room but to a good cause. Love thy neighbors ...or they will shoot her down with the drumming ! :)

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