Friday, 26 September 2014

Colorful Visitors :)

I love Sundays...a day that I can spend more time in my little space and do some photography stuff...heehee not that I am good with a camera.  Saw these beautiful creatures...not sure what they are ,but it is the orangey red and the black spot wings...AWESOME !  Sorry, I sounded excited because I lived in the city and seldom see such beautiful and colorful insects....normally boring insects or bug with boring black or brown will come visiting my little space but last Sunday these colorful  insects were feasting on my Rangoon Creeper or they were actually courting :)   I allowed them to have fun in my little space :)  They are also God's creations , so I closed my eyes and pretend they were not there :p  Managed to get a close up of them ....they look beautiful and I just love their colors !  Will have to find out these insects or bugs are from my Malaysia Gardener Group on facebook...hang on while I do some research.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Piggy Stick Out Tongue Spectacles Case

This is so cute .....look how the Piggy stick out his tongue...LOL!  It is a spectacles case.  I can keep my spare specs in this cutie case.  Each time you open the case to take out your specs,  you see this cutie fella sticking his tongue out like it is teasing you :)  Sweetie pie I named it.   Thank you Cuz Piggy for getting this fella for me.  I value it much :)  Another Piggy collectibles added to my collection !  Travel more ya and get them all back for me LOL!

Enjoy ! 

Harvest Time - Organic Spring Onions

Yay! is time to harvest my homegrown organic spring onions....I am SUPER DUPER HAPPY!  I planted this after the Hari Raya in styroform boxes depth of 5" height.  I used 3 in 1 soil and this is the result.  A bunch of healthy young spring onions.  I harvested them 2 months later which was yesterday.  This load is enough to make another load of kimchi , toppings for steamed yam cake and some to be given to neighbors who do gardening together with me.  Love thy nieghbor commandment is finally fulfilled  :) 

Do you know that if you keep these spring onions in air tight container and stored in the fridge, it will remain fresh for almost a month.  Do not wash them, straight from your garden to the fridge ! :) 

super happy with this batch of spring onions :)

this is how I stored them in air tight container
straight from the garden to my fridge :)

I bought this long air tight container from IKEA

2 weeks before harvesting

after harvesting...recycling the soil for the next batch of spring onions

Enjoy  !

Classical Music And Modern Keyboard

Recently, my opposite neighbor organised a potluck barbeque party for our neighborhood. All neighbors were invited to attend the party. WB and myself, we cooked some veggies and baked a ultra moist banana cake for the bbq party.  We had a wonderful of exchanging news and had a wonderful fellowship with some whom we have not seen for a while or rather we were too busy to stop by to say hello.

After the wonderful food , we were later entertained to some classical music played by one of our neighbor 's son and he is truly musically talented. He played western and chinese music.  Later we got to know this young lad and we find we click well with each other.  WB asked him a lot of questions on musical instruments like the keyboard Moog Sub 37 Tribute Edition and WB was enlightened on its function. WB asked because WB's friend asked WB to help order one for him.  So he needs to know where to get a good one and this young lad is so helpful. He asked WB to see MF  and  check out the model he wants.

The bbq party was a success with the neighbors and he is planning a bigger one come Christmas :) I sure look forward to it.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Efforts Paid Off :) Results - Healthy Hibiscus Plants

When my hibiscus plants were attacked by aphids and mealy bugs I was SAD.  But after testing out methods taught by some sifus from my gardening group from facebook , they are now free from mealy bugs and aphids...SO SUPER HAPPY !

The hibiscus plants are doing well now..lots of hardwork invloved but every efforts was paid off beautifully. After testing out this method for a few months ( do it every two weeks ) my hibiscus plants are back to being healthy and blooming flowers as big as my palm :)

1) spray wash affected area with (neen oil, fermented garlic and dish washing liquid solution ) after which spray a round of mosquito repellant spray ( waterbased ) on plants ( this is to prevent black ants from crawling on plants. The black ants are carriers of the aspids and mealy bugs.  

see how green the leaves are and most important they are free from
mealy bugs , apids and black ants :)

refer here on how to concoct the neen mixture

Enjoy ! And I hope this post will help you too from aphids and mealy bugs attack

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Japanese Roses For My Little Space

My Saturday was well spent.  I went to the nursery in Greentown and by chance saw this beautiful Japanese Roses at corner of the nursery placed among some chilli plants.  I fell in love with them when I saw these very special specie of Japanese roses.  I don't have this and I grabbed one pot which has two different color.  Awesome ! and this really brought to mind again how artistic our God is !  Look at the colors and you will agree with me that God is the most famous artist in the Universe :)  Glory to God for your magic hand over these specie of Japanese roses.  I love them and I love you God for painting such a wonderful combination of colors for this small petite flowers.  They will surely brightens up my little space when the sun is up :)

love the beautiful colors
I could not take my eyes off them

 I pray it will grow well in my little space !

same specie but whole flower is yellow...sunshine it !

and these petite roses are twins....flowered from the same bud ...
first time seeing this and I believe it is a blessing !

Enjoy !

Birthday Wish :)

My 55th Birthday is just a month away and my Piggies asked what I would like to have for my birthday. I asked them back " Are you guys really asking me what I would like to have ? "  Well....good health and happiness are all I want for my birthday wish !  But my Piggies insisted that I make another wish and that I must tell them what I would like to have besides good health and happiness. 

Ok Ok, I told them that I will let them know when the time comes :) Actually , I wanted to get myself a traditional mother's ring with my birthstone on it...and I think it would be a great gift from my Piggies. I googled for online jewelry store and found for mothers rings where they have many choices of Mother's rings and necklace. I fell in love with this stackable Mother's ring that features a single color or birthstone for each child.  I think this would be the best present from my Piggies to me.  I shall let them know what I like to have for my birthday besides good health and happiness :)

Joie Piggy Wiggy Mini Fry Pan And Joie Nylon Turner

Another Joie Piggy Wiggy collection from Lynne Lee Diep from UK.  I have not open up to use yet but will try making pancakes soon with it :)  Lynne , thanks for this gifts.  They have joined the rest of Joie Piggy Wiggy collection in the kitchen :)

I really adore this whole Joie Piggy Wiggy collection
and hopefully I get to collect the whole set of kitchen
accessories :p

Have a great Sunday !

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Good Friends Are Precious Gift From God :)

My colleague recommended me a pain relief magnetic bracelet . This friend of mine thinks that I should get this magnetic bracelet for my arm pain. It seems to work for many of her relatives who have worn them and they believed that this magnetic bracelet benefits them and relief them from pain. Good friends are hard to find and she is one of those who really care for me :)

I don't really know much about these magnetic bracelets but after hearing her testimony, I feel that  it will be good to try it out so that it will relive me of the chronic pain on my shoulder and arm.  It gives the wearer the strength and balance , and the wearer will get pain relief in seconds.  My friend said that many people are wearing these magnetic jewelry as fashion , some wear them on their ankles and some as necklaces.   And many of these magnetic jewelery are so well designed that you won't even know it is for health purposes . 

I will definitely check out the designs of these magnetic bracelets and pick one that is fashionable and will look good on me :p 

Saturday, 13 September 2014

My Organic Spring Onions

Wow, my organic springs onions are ready for harvesting.  I am so happy that I can grow my own spring onions in the little space I called my garden :)    You must be wondering why on earth I need to  have so much spring onions...well I love making my own Kimchi and I need a lot of spring onions in my kimchi....thus I need to grow a lot at one session. I prefer organic spring onions because I eat kimchi very often...almost daily thus organic is healthier !

I love my little has provided my JOY and HAPPINESS working in this little space :)   Will be sharing more on my gardening in the days to come back daily to read up on my daily dose of sharing...may my joy be your joy too ! :)

Swimsuit That Provides Confidence!

My niece Travia  has gained a bit of weight after given birth to her youngest child two years ago and she feels embarrassed to put on her swimsuits and she had stopped swimming since .  I gave her a good lecture some months back and told her that she should not feel embarrass about weight gain. What she needs is a swimsuit that provides fit, support and confidence. I recommended her to this online store for plus size bathing suits that is specially designed for real women with real curves.  And these swimsuits are made from top-quality chlorine resistant and chlorine proof fabrics.  

I am glad that Travia purchased one and has continued with her swimming exercises. She has gained back her confidence with this swimsuit that has given her confidence :)

I Love Nature ! Garden Insects

Whenever I am doing gardening in the little space I called my garden, I bound to see some insects or butterflies or moth resting on my plants.  I will quickly run in and grab my camera and try my level best to take a good shot of the insect or moth resting.  It reminds me that I too need to take a break and rest LOL!  I am most happy when I am in my little space.  Lots to learn about nature and lots of little friends to keep me company when I am pottering around in the little space I called my garden :)

this insect belongs to the bugs family-

I wish I had captured a clearer image of this insect :)

Gift From US And Shipping Company

Another cute little Piggy whisk , another wonderful gift from Gertrude.  Gertrude is a great pal and she really knows me well :p  she knows I love anything piggy LOL!  This will be useful for me when I wanna fry an omelette.  Before having this cute piggy whisk , I used a fork to beat the egg. Now with this piggy in the kitchen I can let go the fork !  Thank you Gertrude for gifting this to me :)  

Talking about gifts and all...I received news that my sister in law 's brother who stayed in NJ with her will be moving to Canada end of year . And he is planning to ship his two cars to Canada. It seems his cars has some sentiments for him.  And thanks to my best pal recommendation , he found this marine transport logistics which is an international shipping company having NVOCC licensed carrier of cargo worldwide. A shipping cargo from the USA to any destination worldwide and provides a full package of shipping services with attention to every detail and special requests.  

My sister in law is happy that her brother has finally found a reliable international shipping company to transport his two cars to Canada :)

Thanks Gert for this cute whisk...I love it to bits!

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Joie Piggy Wiggy Mixing Spoon

This is another addition to my Piggy collectibles.  I have to thank Gertrude for gifting this to me...
Really I am blessed to receive piggy collectibles from friends and relatives 
over a great period of time.  
Thank  you Gertrude for this cutie piggy.  She can join the rest of my piggy kitchen utensils LOL!  
I shall treasure it  :)


Fish Oil Is A Good Supplement For My Joint Pain :)

Nowadays ,I do gardening most of the time, I squat a lot and my knees do give me pain at times...well getting old is no fun.  My neighbor friend recommended me to take fish oil for few purposes, first it helps to lower my triglyceride levels , secondly to reduce my joint pains and thirdly to have a healthy skin.  She recommend that I take omega 3 innovations daily. I shall look out for this omega oil and if my doctor approved , I will take it religiously :)

I really have to take good care of myself ..since I will be retiring soon and travelling and gardening are top on my list of to do after retirement.  So taking fish oil will be a good thing then.  Good health means joy for anyone. 

Labor Of Love :)

My neighbor did a wonderful job !! She planted so many beautiful flowers on the opposite land and now the flowers are blooming.  I could not help but to take a snap shot of it  :) Truly a blessing for us all who stays around the area.  A beautiful sight to behold each morning and night.  The japaneses roses at the base when in full blooms makes me happy and I go to work in a happy mood :)  My neighbor 's labor of love really pays off...the flowers are blooming beautifully :)

the Zinnias are multi colored and it is joy to watch them dancing  with the wind

I love this color the most....sweet color

vibrant yellow japanese roses...

there are many species of japanese roses and I hope to identify all of them :)
will update you guys in my future posts

*             *              *

I Want A Functionable Kitchen :)

I was surfing the other day and I came across some interesting websites showing cabinetry and woodworking organizers.  Wow...dare I reinvent my kitchen and think of all possibilities for my kitchen ? Yes, I love their kitchen organizers and I am going to show hubby all the stuff they have at  ovis.  I am so in love with their kitchen organizers and espcially their fold out ironing board for drawer !

Even when I go to sleep , I dream of having them installed in the kitchen :)  Hubby say to check his bank account first but I told him no worry , I shall have them installed when I get my bonus year end.  Now just to plan what is suitable for my kitchen and make a list and check the cost.  Well at least I have taken the first step of making my dream come true :)

How To Get Rid Of Mealy Bugs And White Flies On Hibiscus Plant ?

I have a sudden craze for hibiscus.  I have planted 3 species thus far and at the beginning of this year ,my hibiscus plants were attacked by mealy bugs and white flies.  They formed a white cottony thing around the buds or under the leaves. I tried many ways to get rid of them but to no avail until I joined the Malaysia Gardeners on Facebook and I asked the members how to treat mealy bugs.  Some told me that mealy bugs are from black ants carrying the bugs to the tree and some gave info on how to treat it.  I combined all their tips together and formed this solution that helped to get rid of mealy bugs from my hibiscus plants and today I am proud to proclaim that this solution really helped to solve my problem .   It has been more than a month since I last spray wash my plants and no more mealy bugs and cottony stuff on the flower buds. Yay! Thank you to Malaysia Gardeners group on Facebook for your generous tips and help.  So here I am sharing with you guys the formula for this solution.  If you are having the same problem of mealy bugs on your hibiscus plant, you can try this formula and spray wash your plants before it gets worse.

today my hibiscus plants are declared fit and
healthy and free from white flies and mealy bugs !

white flies 

Neen oil can get this oil from the indian grocery store

fermented garlic
ratio is 1:1
 cup blended garlic and 1 cup brown sugar
mixed them together and leave to ferment for 10 days
in a air tight container.

Formula for solution to treat Mealy Bugs and White Flies

1 litre of water
1.5 tsp of dish washing liquid ( any brand )
1 tsp of Neen oil
1 tsp of fermented garlic

Mix all the ingredients together till well blended , sieve the liquid before pouring into spray pump.  Shake well and spray wash the affected part.  Use your fingers to rub off the cottony stuff clinging to your flower buds and leaves.  Keep doing this until your plant is free from the white flies and mealy bugs.  Those badly affected parts, use a cutter and cut it off.   Do this everyday for a month and you will see result.  After that use a waterbased mosquito repellant spray on the tree to prevent the black ants from climbing your hibiscus tree.

Hope it works for you too !

Enjoy !

Miss Chief And Mr.Chaco

The huge gentle giant  ( a cross between a Rott and Alsatian ) named Mr.Chaco is  husband  ' four legged son ' and the other cute Miss Chief /MC  is my daughter's pet dog ( a  cross between a Rhodesian Ridgeback and a mongrel ).  When my daughter was in Melbourne attending a conference, we babysit Miss Chief.  Whoa, the house was in chaos , they chased each other and played rough with each other. Needless to say, the cute Miss Chief ( aptly named ) was the boss in the house.  My poor Mr.Chaco is the submissive one and always give in to her whether in games or during meal times.  MC has the say...she will not allow Mr.Chaco to come near her food and she is a poor loser.   She will sit and "  AOWWWWW...... at him in her famous Rhodesian Ridgeback way of command.  It was a joy to see the both of them together.

Miss Chief was with us for almost a month and during those days , my husband ordered some pet supplies from Entirely Pets for Miss Chief to take home with her.  Supplements and some dog treats which we can't get from KL.

We are happy Miss Chief is happy in her new home in KL....she is a fast learner and able to perform tricks like a circus dog :) and getting rewards from her new mistress ....those dog treats for Entirely Pets really did wonders !   I hope to see her doing the tricks taught by her new mistress when I  next  visit her !