Thursday, 18 September 2014

Classical Music And Modern Keyboard

Recently, my opposite neighbor organised a potluck barbeque party for our neighborhood. All neighbors were invited to attend the party. WB and myself, we cooked some veggies and baked a ultra moist banana cake for the bbq party.  We had a wonderful of exchanging news and had a wonderful fellowship with some whom we have not seen for a while or rather we were too busy to stop by to say hello.

After the wonderful food , we were later entertained to some classical music played by one of our neighbor 's son and he is truly musically talented. He played western and chinese music.  Later we got to know this young lad and we find we click well with each other.  WB asked him a lot of questions on musical instruments like the keyboard Moog Sub 37 Tribute Edition and WB was enlightened on its function. WB asked because WB's friend asked WB to help order one for him.  So he needs to know where to get a good one and this young lad is so helpful. He asked WB to see MF  and  check out the model he wants.

The bbq party was a success with the neighbors and he is planning a bigger one come Christmas :) I sure look forward to it.

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