Friday, 26 September 2014

Colorful Visitors :)

I love Sundays...a day that I can spend more time in my little space and do some photography stuff...heehee not that I am good with a camera.  Saw these beautiful creatures...not sure what they are ,but it is the orangey red and the black spot wings...AWESOME !  Sorry, I sounded excited because I lived in the city and seldom see such beautiful and colorful insects....normally boring insects or bug with boring black or brown will come visiting my little space but last Sunday these colorful  insects were feasting on my Rangoon Creeper or they were actually courting :)   I allowed them to have fun in my little space :)  They are also God's creations , so I closed my eyes and pretend they were not there :p  Managed to get a close up of them ....they look beautiful and I just love their colors !  Will have to find out these insects or bugs are from my Malaysia Gardener Group on facebook...hang on while I do some research.

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