Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Efforts Paid Off :) Results - Healthy Hibiscus Plants

When my hibiscus plants were attacked by aphids and mealy bugs I was SAD.  But after testing out methods taught by some sifus from my gardening group from facebook , they are now free from mealy bugs and aphids...SO SUPER HAPPY !

The hibiscus plants are doing well now..lots of hardwork invloved but every efforts was paid off beautifully. After testing out this method for a few months ( do it every two weeks ) my hibiscus plants are back to being healthy and blooming flowers as big as my palm :)

1) spray wash affected area with (neen oil, fermented garlic and dish washing liquid solution ) after which spray a round of mosquito repellant spray ( waterbased ) on plants ( this is to prevent black ants from crawling on plants. The black ants are carriers of the aspids and mealy bugs.  

see how green the leaves are and most important they are free from
mealy bugs , apids and black ants :)

refer here on how to concoct the neen mixture

Enjoy ! And I hope this post will help you too from aphids and mealy bugs attack

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