Saturday, 13 September 2014

Gift From US And Shipping Company

Another cute little Piggy whisk , another wonderful gift from Gertrude.  Gertrude is a great pal and she really knows me well :p  she knows I love anything piggy LOL!  This will be useful for me when I wanna fry an omelette.  Before having this cute piggy whisk , I used a fork to beat the egg. Now with this piggy in the kitchen I can let go the fork !  Thank you Gertrude for gifting this to me :)  

Talking about gifts and all...I received news that my sister in law 's brother who stayed in NJ with her will be moving to Canada end of year . And he is planning to ship his two cars to Canada. It seems his cars has some sentiments for him.  And thanks to my best pal recommendation , he found this marine transport logistics which is an international shipping company having NVOCC licensed carrier of cargo worldwide. A shipping cargo from the USA to any destination worldwide and provides a full package of shipping services with attention to every detail and special requests.  

My sister in law is happy that her brother has finally found a reliable international shipping company to transport his two cars to Canada :)

Thanks Gert for this cute whisk...I love it to bits!

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