Thursday, 18 September 2014

Harvest Time - Organic Spring Onions

Yay! is time to harvest my homegrown organic spring onions....I am SUPER DUPER HAPPY!  I planted this after the Hari Raya in styroform boxes depth of 5" height.  I used 3 in 1 soil and this is the result.  A bunch of healthy young spring onions.  I harvested them 2 months later which was yesterday.  This load is enough to make another load of kimchi , toppings for steamed yam cake and some to be given to neighbors who do gardening together with me.  Love thy nieghbor commandment is finally fulfilled  :) 

Do you know that if you keep these spring onions in air tight container and stored in the fridge, it will remain fresh for almost a month.  Do not wash them, straight from your garden to the fridge ! :) 

super happy with this batch of spring onions :)

this is how I stored them in air tight container
straight from the garden to my fridge :)

I bought this long air tight container from IKEA

2 weeks before harvesting

after harvesting...recycling the soil for the next batch of spring onions

Enjoy  !

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