Thursday, 11 September 2014

How To Get Rid Of Mealy Bugs And White Flies On Hibiscus Plant ?

I have a sudden craze for hibiscus.  I have planted 3 species thus far and at the beginning of this year ,my hibiscus plants were attacked by mealy bugs and white flies.  They formed a white cottony thing around the buds or under the leaves. I tried many ways to get rid of them but to no avail until I joined the Malaysia Gardeners on Facebook and I asked the members how to treat mealy bugs.  Some told me that mealy bugs are from black ants carrying the bugs to the tree and some gave info on how to treat it.  I combined all their tips together and formed this solution that helped to get rid of mealy bugs from my hibiscus plants and today I am proud to proclaim that this solution really helped to solve my problem .   It has been more than a month since I last spray wash my plants and no more mealy bugs and cottony stuff on the flower buds. Yay! Thank you to Malaysia Gardeners group on Facebook for your generous tips and help.  So here I am sharing with you guys the formula for this solution.  If you are having the same problem of mealy bugs on your hibiscus plant, you can try this formula and spray wash your plants before it gets worse.

today my hibiscus plants are declared fit and
healthy and free from white flies and mealy bugs !

white flies 

Neen oil can get this oil from the indian grocery store

fermented garlic
ratio is 1:1
 cup blended garlic and 1 cup brown sugar
mixed them together and leave to ferment for 10 days
in a air tight container.

Formula for solution to treat Mealy Bugs and White Flies

1 litre of water
1.5 tsp of dish washing liquid ( any brand )
1 tsp of Neen oil
1 tsp of fermented garlic

Mix all the ingredients together till well blended , sieve the liquid before pouring into spray pump.  Shake well and spray wash the affected part.  Use your fingers to rub off the cottony stuff clinging to your flower buds and leaves.  Keep doing this until your plant is free from the white flies and mealy bugs.  Those badly affected parts, use a cutter and cut it off.   Do this everyday for a month and you will see result.  After that use a waterbased mosquito repellant spray on the tree to prevent the black ants from climbing your hibiscus tree.

Hope it works for you too !

Enjoy !


  1. Hi..I am having big problems with whitleflies on chillis and want to try this recipe..this bottle of Neem oil you posted has a maker and address of WELLESLEY on the label, but the rest of the info I can read..I need this kind of pure Need oil...could you tell me the brand name and address of company? I want to see where I can get in Penang/JB or Singapore. Great posting by the way!

    1. Hi Alice
      I have finished the neen oil and have thrown away the bottle. You can get neen oil from any Indian grocery shops. It is also cled Margosa oil. Any brand will do as long as it is Neem oil. I will take a photo of the lastest neen oil I am using now. Will show you the picture of the recent one I bought