Sunday, 14 September 2014

Japanese Roses For My Little Space

My Saturday was well spent.  I went to the nursery in Greentown and by chance saw this beautiful Japanese Roses at corner of the nursery placed among some chilli plants.  I fell in love with them when I saw these very special specie of Japanese roses.  I don't have this and I grabbed one pot which has two different color.  Awesome ! and this really brought to mind again how artistic our God is !  Look at the colors and you will agree with me that God is the most famous artist in the Universe :)  Glory to God for your magic hand over these specie of Japanese roses.  I love them and I love you God for painting such a wonderful combination of colors for this small petite flowers.  They will surely brightens up my little space when the sun is up :)

love the beautiful colors
I could not take my eyes off them

 I pray it will grow well in my little space !

same specie but whole flower is yellow...sunshine it !

and these petite roses are twins....flowered from the same bud ...
first time seeing this and I believe it is a blessing !

Enjoy !

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