Thursday, 11 September 2014

Labor Of Love :)

My neighbor did a wonderful job !! She planted so many beautiful flowers on the opposite land and now the flowers are blooming.  I could not help but to take a snap shot of it  :) Truly a blessing for us all who stays around the area.  A beautiful sight to behold each morning and night.  The japaneses roses at the base when in full blooms makes me happy and I go to work in a happy mood :)  My neighbor 's labor of love really pays off...the flowers are blooming beautifully :)

the Zinnias are multi colored and it is joy to watch them dancing  with the wind

I love this color the most....sweet color

vibrant yellow japanese roses...

there are many species of japanese roses and I hope to identify all of them :)
will update you guys in my future posts

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