Thursday, 30 October 2014

Note Pad In The Shape Of Piggy Holding Her Cup Of Coffee :)

Everyone knows I collect anything piggy and Cuz Piggy will never fail to collect them on my behalf whenever she travels around out of country.  Thanks Cuz for this precious gift...a note pad I can use to scribble down the recipes and stuff I need to buy.  I still like the old fashioned way of scribbling down on papers...though smart phone can do it for you :p   Another item to be added to my piggy collectibles :)  This is just a simple sharing of my collectibles :)


Wednesday, 15 October 2014

How To Ward Off Unwanted Pests For Your Rosemary Plant

I have tried so many times to grow my own Rosemary herb but upteenth times I failed.  Recently after joining the fb Malaysia Gardeners, I gathered enough information from the sifus there and bravely I combat all the odds and finally my lastest Rosemary seems to be thriving well . I placed in the right spot....under the edge of my awning...she gets enough sunlight and protected from heavy downpours.  I waters them on alternate days only. And I learned from the group to plant spring onions near Rosemary to ward off  her unwanted suitors ( pests )  Thus now my spring onions has become Rosemary angel guard for the time being until I decide to cook them for my dishes LOL!

Rosemary 's guardian spring onions :)

Enjoy and I hope you too learn something from reading this post :)

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Music Ministry In 2015

Church Music Ministry is an important ministry. It is not to be overlooked and WB who helps in ordering and updating musical insturments for the ministry. He needs to surf for the best and at affordable prices can be tedious at times. Though it is quite challenging at times, it brings joy to him. He truly enjoy working in this ministry. He loves  kids and he loves music.  He normally checks Guitar Center's DBX product page when he needs to order guitar related stuff.

He put his total trust on this product page..the information given is good and he relys at lot from this webpage. It helps to make his work easier :)   He is looking forward to placing an order for the youth music ministry for year 2015.  He knows the youths will love the guitars he will be ordering in early 2015 :)  Seeing the kids happy is his joy !

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Turning An Empty Patch Into A Beautiful Community Garden :)

What you see now was formerly an empty patch full of weeds and a tall tree ( now cut down by MBI ) . We , a few of my neighbors and myself decided to call this our community garden.  My immediate neighbor Mrs.P decided to plant zinnias to beautify the area around the tree stump left behind by the MBI and she really did a good job.  Six months after the tree was cut down and her sprinkling of zinnias seedlings , her zinnias plants grew tall and started to bloom.  She spent hours planting the japanese roses and we ( the rest of the housewives staying opposite this plot of land ) soon joined her in making the place a beautiful garden.  I can only help her in the evenings during the working days and early morning/evening on weekends.  Credit to be given to Mrs.P :)

After hours of weeding out weeds and unwanted grass,  we can sit back and  drown ourselves with the beauty before us.  A beautiful community garden whereby each of us has put in some efforts somehow :) We are planning another bbq party here LOL!   Teamwork is important if we want to live in harmony.  I love my takes very little to love one another.   Flowers are beautiful to look at but I believe behind all this the most important is our friendship and love for one another.  

Every late morning, when the japanese roses opens up to greet us all...the scene is awesome ! And one can see the hardwork put onto this formerly an empty land with weeds and a a beautiful Community Garden :)

A beautiful sight to behold !

A toast to all my neighbor friends who have helped to make this awesome garden!

Enjoy !

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

I Want To Recreate This Scenario Again - Mandevilla In Full Blooms (2003)

I had this in the year 2003 ...I can't remember what I did to the plant until I saw some old photos and bing, I fell in love with the plant again and I was frantically searching all the nurseries in Ipoh for it .  Found out the name of the plant from fb Malaysia Gardeners Group . The name of this beautiful plant is Mandevilla. I placed an order for it and last Sunday, I received a call from one of the nurseries that I placed an order for it. Thus my dream of recreating this can be make true in a few months time :)  Pray God will endowed me with green fingers and that I can make my dream come true  !

The pictures below is my new Mandevilla plant.  Not flowering yet but hopefully it is the same color as the one I had in 2003 .  The lady at the nursery told me that her supplier said it is the color I wanted  ( Dark Pink ) okay, I trusted her and paid for it without having proof that it is the color I wanted :p  Paid RM15 for it :)  So super happy that I managed to get it !

Suspend !!!!  now waiting for it to blooms before I get to know for sure it the dark pink I wanted