Wednesday, 15 October 2014

How To Ward Off Unwanted Pests For Your Rosemary Plant

I have tried so many times to grow my own Rosemary herb but upteenth times I failed.  Recently after joining the fb Malaysia Gardeners, I gathered enough information from the sifus there and bravely I combat all the odds and finally my lastest Rosemary seems to be thriving well . I placed in the right spot....under the edge of my awning...she gets enough sunlight and protected from heavy downpours.  I waters them on alternate days only. And I learned from the group to plant spring onions near Rosemary to ward off  her unwanted suitors ( pests )  Thus now my spring onions has become Rosemary angel guard for the time being until I decide to cook them for my dishes LOL!

Rosemary 's guardian spring onions :)

Enjoy and I hope you too learn something from reading this post :)

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