Wednesday, 1 October 2014

I Want To Recreate This Scenario Again - Mandevilla In Full Blooms (2003)

I had this in the year 2003 ...I can't remember what I did to the plant until I saw some old photos and bing, I fell in love with the plant again and I was frantically searching all the nurseries in Ipoh for it .  Found out the name of the plant from fb Malaysia Gardeners Group . The name of this beautiful plant is Mandevilla. I placed an order for it and last Sunday, I received a call from one of the nurseries that I placed an order for it. Thus my dream of recreating this can be make true in a few months time :)  Pray God will endowed me with green fingers and that I can make my dream come true  !

The pictures below is my new Mandevilla plant.  Not flowering yet but hopefully it is the same color as the one I had in 2003 .  The lady at the nursery told me that her supplier said it is the color I wanted  ( Dark Pink ) okay, I trusted her and paid for it without having proof that it is the color I wanted :p  Paid RM15 for it :)  So super happy that I managed to get it !

Suspend !!!!  now waiting for it to blooms before I get to know for sure it the dark pink I wanted


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