Monday, 10 November 2014

Kacang Panjang Renek 2

This is the 2nd part now the progress of my kacang panjang renek...the flowers had turned a nice purplish color.  It has been raining and pouring like nobody business the past few days esp night time.  I was so delighted and enthralled with the color of the flowers.  After the rain, I took out the camera and start taking pictures of the flower.  And guess what the next morning, the flower disappeared and I found it inside the pot at the far end..My heart just went dropping and I said " there goes my kacang panjang renek !!!! "  before I could even see it flourish into a longbean.   I posted on facebook telling my friend that I was sad that the flower dropped.  Then another friend told me that " keep your fingers crossed, who knows a longbean may sprout out "   and another friend told me that the flower will drop when the bean is coming out " I hang on and keeping my fingers crossed that a long bean will sprout out in the next few days.  :)  Here are some photos to show you how great God is....amazing to see the tiny thin stem holding the heavy flower until it drops by nature.  I am like a mom in labor pain..waiting for the birth of my first longbean LOL!

now keeping my fingers crossed that beans will sprout out soon :)

will keep you guys updated on the progress...whether longbeans will shooting out
from the bud :)


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