Friday, 28 November 2014

Kacang Panjang Renek 3

After all the labor pain I went through birthing my first long bean, I am super happy that I got my babies strong and healthy :)  Hahaha it sounds funny though but I laboured just to have this long beans. Perseverance paid off and now I am waiting to devour my babies...sounds cruel LOL! 

Before that, the flowers keep dropping and I was saddened by their continuing abortions :p and finally, a friend recommended that I use the organic fish fertiliser " Alaska Brand " and gosh , it makes my kacang panjang renek plant strong and the flowers were able to hold till it birthed into long beans.  I am super happy and would like to recommend the use of this brand of organic fish emulsion. It is good for edible plants and flower plants too.

Sharing my joy with my readers and it is thanksgiving every seconds for me !

this is the brand of fish emulsion that I used for my edible plants...
the best I have encountered thus far
for a 3.65 kg price is RM75+

Enjoy !

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