Monday, 29 December 2014

Black Is Elegant!

For the Chinese in the olden days, black colour represent sadness and it is mourning colour till today.  But for me,  being a Christian, I am no longer superstitious over black colour.  Infact, I love black colour.  It represents style,elegance and it gives an air of sophistication to the wearer.  My Piggy Jo is like me in many ways. Her favourite colour is black. I remember when she was in her teens, all her t-shirts are black in colour. She chooses anything in black and I remember,her dad will lecture me on this topic.  He will also lecture my girl and I too will get the shelling for allowing her to wear black even on Chinese New Year days :p

Now my Piggy Jo is 26 years of age , whereby she is an adult and have her fashion sense.  The dad's opinion and superstitions no longer have a hold on her.  Recently, she was looking for a nice white dress for her graduation and ended up purchasing two dresses, one white and one black.  Thanks to the online fashion store, she was able to get her dress problem solved.  I prefer to shop online for clothing.  It is convenient and with just a click, the clothes will be delivered to us! Cashless and no hassle.  One can slowly view all the designs on the website and each pattern will be shown clearly on the website, back image and front image and the sizes are all shown clearly on the webpage.  Safe shopping, as you shop online from your home !

Besides the white elegant one, she picked this beautiful black piece too - Chiffon Satin Sweetheart A-Line Asymmetrical Ruched Prom Dress!  I can imagine her in this well cut dress. she will definitely look gorgeous and who say online shopping is not fun or you wont be able to get a good piece.  No, I differ in opinion after looking through the website. They have a wide range of beautiful black prom dresses and Piggy Jo just picked one to her taste.  I would say she really has super taste. It is indeed a beautiful piece and online shopping is definitely great for her!

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