Monday, 29 December 2014

White Prom Dresses

Looking for  white prom dresses from the shopping mall or boutique  can be difficult at times. White is not so sought after except to grace a wedding occasions.  So there are not many shops in town that sells white dresses.  Blouses maybe we can find them in the shopping mall fashion section.  It was a real headache for me before I discover this online fashion store.  Now having found this online fashion store, looking for a white dress is no longer a problem for me and my Piggy Jo.  My Piggy Jo wanted to get a white elegant dress that doesn't look bridal yet present a sophisticated and elegant outlook for her graduation day . I told her about this website and gosh, there were so many white prom dresses for her choose and this time , she gets the headache of not knowing which one to choose :)

So many to choose from and every piece is beautiful  and looks elegant, and she wish she could have them all :p beside white color, there are many other choice of colors.  When  I  saw what the online website has to offer,  my heart goes pumping faster than you can imagine coz every piece just wow me over. My piggy goes " should I take this or should I that piece "  and she ended up picking two, one white and one black.  Haha, the opposite colors.  Oh , well, this is again individual taste.  But I know we both mother and daughter will be partners in crime in future purchase of fashionable dresses. I know I will be her confidente and partner- in- crime as long as I live.  We both share the same craziness when it comes to shopping for clothes.  I guess she takes after me !

She chose this beautiful white piece for her graduation and I am sure this simple cut will have many heads turned on that day :p  Many of her friends are looking for new dresses for their graduation convo to be held in the city hotel and she too recommends to them this website where they can shop in comfort. The drive from the campus to the mall boutique will be a hassle as traffic jam in city can be terrible and with the crime rate of late, it is wiser to shop online for dresses. This online store will have your dresses delivered straight to your home with just a click .

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