Monday, 26 January 2015

A Pot Of Treasure - Turmeric

After pottering around my small space last Sunday afternoon...I noticed that my turmeric plant which was tucked in a small corner behind some plants ,the leaves are turning yellow ( I heard once the leaves turn yellow...time for harvesting - normally takes 8 months before we can harvest )....I decided to unearth and see what treasure is in store for me.  A small pot -6 inch  dia by 6" deep and tada , this was what I harvested  - a handful of turmeric. Enough for a few cooking :) So super happy and I will be harvesting another load in a few months time.  I hope that pot will give me more since it is growing and fruiting above the earth :p  Homegrown turmeric gives me lots of pleasure !  I cook Nyonya dishes most of the time and now with a new cookbook on Peranakan dishes...these harvesting will benefit me and my household :)

leaves turning yellow indicates the turmeric are ripe for harvesting ?

I unearthed one pot and now the other is ready for harvesting too
can you see they are fruiting above the earth...does that mean
no more space underneath that it has to bear fruit above ?  :)
keeping my fingers crossed that it will be a bountiful harvest next
I will be harvesting this pot in two months time :)

so excited to see the turmeric appearing as I keep digging

I took the matured one with lots of root and replanted
into another new pot for future my supply will not end :p

Enjoy and have fun planting your own turmeric at home :)

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

God's Blessings ! Seeds, Seeds & Seeds :)

God is good and all the time God is good !  I received flower and assorted  veggie seeds for my Christmas present.  I was super happy and feel on top of the world when I opened the present.  Just appropriate for my retirement days.  My colleagues asked what am I going to do after retirement.  Simple answer I gave. I told them I will be doing a bit of farming and baking.  So I will be in extreme end of the house. Morning will be spent in the garden and afternoon will be spent in the kitchen LOL!  They all look puzzled haha serious, I will be spending my morning in the garden and community garden...and when the cake orders come in, I will be baking in the afternoon.  Night will be spent blogging :p   Well, so much to do and I will spending the first few months just lazing away and enjoy my first few months of ' freedom ' whereby I wont even want to look at the clock and calendar :p 

After busy with the Christmas and New Year celebration, I can take some time off to smell the flowers at the community garden.  Oh, by the way someone asked me where I got my Christmas decoration from.  I told her that I got the family christmas ornaments here .  This place has a wide range of family christmas ornaments.  I knew my friends and relatives will surely ask about the special lovely ornaments hanging on my tree and walls  :)   And the garden flower and veggies seeds were from Kathy of . Life is awesome when you have the contacts and friends who extend their sincere friendship to you.   Kathy , thank you for these plants too . I love them all :)  

I will give them all my loving tender care !

Friday, 9 January 2015

New Project For 2015 - Sweet Potato Vines In Full Swing !

My sweet potato slips are looking healthy and I will have to repot them into sugar bag.  I have two of this and one will be for my new project for 2015.   Sweet potato vines in full swing is a dream.  I saw this beautiful sweet potato vines in hanging pot in Pinterest , I fell head over heels in love with it and I told myself I want to make it my 2015 project for my garden :)    Imagine how beautiful it will be and a beautiful sight to behold every morning of my freedom days !!!!  

Of course, planting them in hanging pots , you will not get tubers.  The trimmings can used for stir fry .  The most creative way of planting sweet potato vines in pot and hanging them as decorative purpose.  I pray that it will grow well and soon I will achieve the same effect like the one I have posted below.  The photo at the bottom is taken from Pinterest . And you check here for How to sprout sweet potato slips :)  and here for why sweet potato leaves is good for us :)

 my healthy sweet potato slips

have repotted it into my hanging pot

pic credit  Pinterest

Enjoy !

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

A Bountiful Harvest From A 15 Years old Calamansi Plant

It has been pouring for days  and my 15 years old calamansi is still standing tall and is still productive despite the age :) This plant is hardy and easy to grow.  I bought this plant from the Farmers Market . Am so happy to see the ripening fruits and so many too.  A beautiful sight to behold.   A bountiful harvest ! God is gracious and supply my everyday needs.  It fruits all year round and each time I needed some to make a glass of cold juice, I just need to go and pluck some .  So handy to have a calamansi plant in the garden.   

it is exciting to harvest them and..............

 I fill the basket with these juicy heart is filled with JOY too !

Enjoy and I share my joy with you :)

Monday, 5 January 2015

How To Sprout Sweet Potato For Slips

2 weeks old

3 weeks old and ready for repotting

I learned how to sprout sweet potatoes for their slips from you tube.  It is not that hard after all. I will go into full time growing edibles veggies when I successfully sprout sweet potato  slips :)  Happy Gardening and wishing all of you all the best in whatever you are growing :)

-Organic Sweet Potato
-Jar or Glass

1. Fill the glass jar / plastic cup with water
2. Place the toothpicks around the center of the tuber. The toothpicks are there to elevate the sweet potato, so the roots do not grow against the bottom of the glass.
3. Place the glass in an eastern facing window to receive beneficial morning sun. Yet, protecting it from the hot relentless afternoon sun.
4. Be patient and wait as the sprouts emerge and the shoots come forth.

Once the Potato has Produced Slips
1. Carefully twist the slip(s) off of the sweet potato.
2. Place the slip in water.
3. Wait for the individual slips to grow roots.
4. Once the roots seem stable place in a small pot with soil.
5. Let the slip get use to the soil for a few days, then transfer into garden.

*               *                 *

Piggy Pots With Green Top

Bought these two cuties mini pot from Daiso Publika and yesterday I managed to find some smaller sized plant for them.  Now they are not bald but have healthy green tops !   A good start for 2015