Tuesday, 6 January 2015

A Bountiful Harvest From A 15 Years old Calamansi Plant

It has been pouring for days  and my 15 years old calamansi is still standing tall and is still productive despite the age :) This plant is hardy and easy to grow.  I bought this plant from the Farmers Market . Am so happy to see the ripening fruits and so many too.  A beautiful sight to behold.   A bountiful harvest ! God is gracious and supply my everyday needs.  It fruits all year round and each time I needed some to make a glass of cold juice, I just need to go and pluck some .  So handy to have a calamansi plant in the garden.   

it is exciting to harvest them and..............

.......as I fill the basket with these juicy fruit...my heart is filled with JOY too !

Enjoy and I share my joy with you :)

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