Monday, 26 January 2015

A Pot Of Treasure - Turmeric

After pottering around my small space last Sunday afternoon...I noticed that my turmeric plant which was tucked in a small corner behind some plants ,the leaves are turning yellow ( I heard once the leaves turn yellow...time for harvesting - normally takes 8 months before we can harvest )....I decided to unearth and see what treasure is in store for me.  A small pot -6 inch  dia by 6" deep and tada , this was what I harvested  - a handful of turmeric. Enough for a few cooking :) So super happy and I will be harvesting another load in a few months time.  I hope that pot will give me more since it is growing and fruiting above the earth :p  Homegrown turmeric gives me lots of pleasure !  I cook Nyonya dishes most of the time and now with a new cookbook on Peranakan dishes...these harvesting will benefit me and my household :)

leaves turning yellow indicates the turmeric are ripe for harvesting ?

I unearthed one pot and now the other is ready for harvesting too
can you see they are fruiting above the earth...does that mean
no more space underneath that it has to bear fruit above ?  :)
keeping my fingers crossed that it will be a bountiful harvest next
I will be harvesting this pot in two months time :)

so excited to see the turmeric appearing as I keep digging

I took the matured one with lots of root and replanted
into another new pot for future my supply will not end :p

Enjoy and have fun planting your own turmeric at home :)

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  1. Fruitful harvest and happy cooking your nyonya dishes...