Wednesday, 14 January 2015

God's Blessings ! Seeds, Seeds & Seeds :)

God is good and all the time God is good !  I received flower and assorted  veggie seeds for my Christmas present.  I was super happy and feel on top of the world when I opened the present.  Just appropriate for my retirement days.  My colleagues asked what am I going to do after retirement.  Simple answer I gave. I told them I will be doing a bit of farming and baking.  So I will be in extreme end of the house. Morning will be spent in the garden and afternoon will be spent in the kitchen LOL!  They all look puzzled haha serious, I will be spending my morning in the garden and community garden...and when the cake orders come in, I will be baking in the afternoon.  Night will be spent blogging :p   Well, so much to do and I will spending the first few months just lazing away and enjoy my first few months of ' freedom ' whereby I wont even want to look at the clock and calendar :p 

After busy with the Christmas and New Year celebration, I can take some time off to smell the flowers at the community garden.  Oh, by the way someone asked me where I got my Christmas decoration from.  I told her that I got the family christmas ornaments here .  This place has a wide range of family christmas ornaments.  I knew my friends and relatives will surely ask about the special lovely ornaments hanging on my tree and walls  :)   And the garden flower and veggies seeds were from Kathy of . Life is awesome when you have the contacts and friends who extend their sincere friendship to you.   Kathy , thank you for these plants too . I love them all :)  

I will give them all my loving tender care !

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