Friday, 9 January 2015

New Project For 2015 - Sweet Potato Vines In Full Swing !

My sweet potato slips are looking healthy and I will have to repot them into sugar bag.  I have two of this and one will be for my new project for 2015.   Sweet potato vines in full swing is a dream.  I saw this beautiful sweet potato vines in hanging pot in Pinterest , I fell head over heels in love with it and I told myself I want to make it my 2015 project for my garden :)    Imagine how beautiful it will be and a beautiful sight to behold every morning of my freedom days !!!!  

Of course, planting them in hanging pots , you will not get tubers.  The trimmings can used for stir fry .  The most creative way of planting sweet potato vines in pot and hanging them as decorative purpose.  I pray that it will grow well and soon I will achieve the same effect like the one I have posted below.  The photo at the bottom is taken from Pinterest . And you check here for How to sprout sweet potato slips :)  and here for why sweet potato leaves is good for us :)

 my healthy sweet potato slips

have repotted it into my hanging pot

pic credit  Pinterest

Enjoy !

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