Monday, 16 February 2015

Cute lil' Pinky Piggy Purse - A Gift From Piggy Cuz

Thank you so much Piggy Cuz for this cute lil pinky Piggy usher in the Goat year.  Love this cutie pie and she belongs to me now !!!!!

and may the Goat year brings
Peace, Joy, Health and Wealth to all
my Chinese readers !

Bass Brushes For Your Chompers

Are you looking  for bass brushes and could not find a good one ?  I know Josh is looking for a good one and I recommended that he look at this website that has a good range of bass brushes.  He has taken off his braces and he needs a good bass brush for his chompers.  I hope he will be able choose a good one . These brushes are from Italy and is nylon bristle and a plastic handle with a classic toothbrush shape.  I love it but I am not sure whether Josh will like it.  Anyway, I have given him the link and I am sure he will look into it since he is urgently searching for a good one !

Friday, 13 February 2015

New Cookbooks Added To My Collection - Super Duper Happy !

I have added two new cookbooks to my collection.  That said, it just meant that I can never stop buying cookboks LOL! Learning new techniques and improving myself in the area of cooking is what makes me ticks :p  I love Madam Choong's Nostalgic Recipes.  I have met her twice at a friend's gathering whereby I was introduced to her . A humble and motherly figure , I like her cooking.  She left us in late 2013 and I am glad her family have published  all her nostalgic recipes in this book.  Love all the home recipes...very authentic and a good buy.  Most of the dishes that was published in this book is what I look forward to cook in the coming days.  Who say life is boring when you retired ? For me, my retirement means  EXCITEMENT !  I wish I have 48 hours to a day....anyway, I dont even bother to look at the clock :p   These books will be keeping me busy for the next few months !   Being a popular card member, I am entitle to 10 percent discount on all cookbooks that I super happy with the discounted price :)

Madam Choong had many cookbook published in the past years but I find this the best !  And I bought another noodle making book.  Well, homemade noodles is what I look forward to eating in place of rice :p  Kneading the dough yourself is fun to me and I hope to master the art of making the best homemade noodles ever :p