Monday, 20 April 2015

Multiple Layers Mandevilla

When I bought this Mandevilla from the nursery, it was without any blooms.  Out of desperation, I trusted the lady at the nursery who sold me this plant and took it home with me.  I wanted the pink color and she told me that it is pink and that's it pink it will be.  After a year, it still did not bloom....and I went searching for two month ago for a companion for my 1st Mandevilla.   Hahaha,,,,and guess 1st Mandevilla started to bloom when it saw my new Mandevilla was blooming like nobody business.  And only today, I noticed that it was a different specie...this has multiple layers of delicate, crepe paper- thin petals.....Wow....I could not help admiring the beautiful flowers...they look like a rose...sweet and delightful for my soul.  

God is good...patience paid I can look at these beautiful multiple layers of delicate crepe paper-thin petals all the days of my life.  Going to take good care of it. It needs sunshine and water and plenty of fertilizers.  They are vines and are hardy and easy to take care.  I am indeed so happy that tears just rolled down my cheek this morning :)

Saturday, 18 April 2015

2nd Harvest Of Homegrown Mulberries

I became wiser after joining the Malaysia Gardener facebook group, a group that teaches and sharing with one another their experiences in I  know when to harvest the mulberries...this is my second batch of harvest after cutting the plant almost bald after the first fruiting.  The new branches sprouted out so fast and the fruits just keep popping out and now I am harvesting the fruit they ripen at different time  and I learned not to harvest them until they are darker in color...that is dark maroon color. As they ripen at different time...I pluck them as they ripen and store in air tight container and keep them in the freezer.  Until I collected enough, I will make them into mulberry compote for my cakes :p  Nothing beats homegrown organic fruits and veggies.

I noticed the fruits are bigger and rounder this time :)
I added compost and FAA to them after cutting the plant bald :)
and now rewarded with bigger fruits

looks succulent...keeping them for making compote

praying for a more bountiful harvest next fruiting :)

this is the color that I was told to wait before I pluck them

Super duper takes little to make me happy and
seeing my labor pays off and that is what makes me

Have a great weekend !

Pantry Slides

Are you looking for pantry slides?  WB and I were looking for some shelving applications that we can use for our pantry shelves and came across this website that has a wide range of pantry slides :) From 175 lbs smaller pull-out applications up to 450 lbs and these shelving units are typically constructed using a lower, weight bearing slide as well as an upper slide used for aligning the top of the shelving system. WB was looking at Fulterer FR 775 and it looks like we have found a solution to our shelving problem :)  It has easy close device which allows the unit to close softly and keeping the stoed items from possibly tipping over when closing the pantry door.

Monday, 13 April 2015

Mandevilla- My Love

Finally my 1st  Mandevilla plant  has started to super happy. When I first brought it back from the nursery, it was without flowers and I bought it trusting the nursery lady that the flowers will be pink in color.  After almost a year it still did not bloom.  I decided to get a 2nd Mandevilla , a mate for my 1st Mandevilla and guess what?  after bringing home the 2nd Mandevilla which was flowering then,  my 1st Mandevilla started to bloom shortly.   God is good all the time and all the time God is good.  My husband fixed the bamboo trellis for me and now both the Mandevilla are conpeting with each other to see who can bloom more flowers and who can creep higher.  Good for me....the pink is a deep pink...I love to wake up every morning just looking at the mandevilla blooms.  A beautiful sight to behold.  So refreshing for my soul :)

beautiful dark pink

can't wait for the whole trellis to be full of blooms

Enjoy !

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Harvest Of The Day - Turmeric

I always look forward to harvesting all my edibles from my small space I called my garden and turmeric is one of them that I enjoy unearthing most of all.  I am thrilled to see so many turmeric from a 7"deep pot with a diameter of about 8" wide . After loosening the soil and digging out the turmeric, I was surprised that there were quite a handful of turmeric considering the pot size is quite small. I would consider this good harvest.  These portion can last me a few cookings :) and the leaves can be used to cook Rendang Ayam.  I usually marinade chicken with homegrown turmeric.  I have planted some ginger too which is due for harvesting too. I am so excited to see my small space now full of edibles :) Happy gardening to myself and I hope to share more harvests in my next posts .  Meanwhile enjoy my homegrown turmeric :)

one the leaves have turned yellowish , it is time to harvest

some of the turmeric growns above the surface of the soil

I dig deeper and pleased to find more turmeric waiting for me :)

I am happy with my loot

the turmerics are quite big and plump

Happy Harvest !

iprice -My favorite Online One Stop Shopping Platform

iprice is an  online one stop shopping destination which makes shopping fun and easy.  With just a click away from home, you can have the goods delivered to your doorstep.  One thing I like about iprice is that it is not a e-commerce jungle. They aggregates all the products from the most trusted e-commerce shops in Asia and make it globally one platform whereby you do not log in to varies online shopping websites searching for different items from different sites.  At iprice everything is properly laid out with the lastest coupons , deals and voucher codes in Malaysia so that we may enjoy big savings on every purchase. Their online shop has a new feature with many categories such as electronics ,clothing, shoes, bags, watches, jewellery, kids and toys, sports and outdoors, home and living, beauty and health, media and books and automative.  Wow, truly my one stop shopping destination and...........

with their new feature ,iprice has make my online shopping easier and they have a coupons section . I like the Lazada vouchers and coupon codes which has discounts to die for.  The discounts can go as high as 70 percent at certain times and I can shop till I drop at times when I am logged into iprice.  I won't leave iprice until I have a cart full of offered items.  Handbags, shoes and dresses are my favourite cart away from iprice :)  

If you are like me, an addict in online shopping, you will enjoy this one stop shopping destination with just a click away ! Check it out and I am sure you will be like me...clicking away for their deals and voucher codes.  Think of the BIG SAVE one gets to enjoy and I am sure you do not want to be left out of such a good deal on iprice !

Monday, 6 April 2015

My 1st Harvest Of Homegrown Mulberries

I have seen many of my friends harvesting their mulberries and I could not wait for mine to bear fruits .  A friend taught me how to make them bloom a plenty. I need to keep trimming them often and the more branches you have the more fruits you will get.  Anyway, this is my 1st harvest and it brought me tremendous JOY even though the fruits is skinny but to me it is a joy to my mulberry tree produces fruits after almost a year of waiting patiently for it to fruit.  I bet the second harvest will be more and bigger fruit.  I have trimmed the plant and added organic fertilisers ( chicken poo ) to the keeping my fingers crossed that it will bear more fruits and bigger in size too :)

a joy to watch them bearing fruits for the first time

not enough to make jam but as a snack for the first time
it is good enough for me :)

Screaming for joy seeing its first fruiting 

Design Your Own Mother's Ring For Mother's Day

Mother's Day is just next month and if you still have not decided what to give to your mom on this special day...let me share with you what you can give to her .  You can design your own mothers rings and I am sure she will love it especially with her birthstone on engraved gold band.  As for me, I would love to receive a specially designed ring from my kids with my birthstone on a simple gold band with my initial engraved on it :)  Which mother would not scream for joy if she receives this specially designed rings on Mother's Day or on her birthday :) 

Time flies and Mother's Day is just next month.  I can't wait to celebrate with my kids :) food and gifts will surely be a good reason for me to be happy !