Saturday, 18 April 2015

2nd Harvest Of Homegrown Mulberries

I became wiser after joining the Malaysia Gardener facebook group, a group that teaches and sharing with one another their experiences in I  know when to harvest the mulberries...this is my second batch of harvest after cutting the plant almost bald after the first fruiting.  The new branches sprouted out so fast and the fruits just keep popping out and now I am harvesting the fruit they ripen at different time  and I learned not to harvest them until they are darker in color...that is dark maroon color. As they ripen at different time...I pluck them as they ripen and store in air tight container and keep them in the freezer.  Until I collected enough, I will make them into mulberry compote for my cakes :p  Nothing beats homegrown organic fruits and veggies.

I noticed the fruits are bigger and rounder this time :)
I added compost and FAA to them after cutting the plant bald :)
and now rewarded with bigger fruits

looks succulent...keeping them for making compote

praying for a more bountiful harvest next fruiting :)

this is the color that I was told to wait before I pluck them

Super duper takes little to make me happy and
seeing my labor pays off and that is what makes me

Have a great weekend !

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