Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Harvest Of The Day - Turmeric

I always look forward to harvesting all my edibles from my small space I called my garden and turmeric is one of them that I enjoy unearthing most of all.  I am thrilled to see so many turmeric from a 7"deep pot with a diameter of about 8" wide . After loosening the soil and digging out the turmeric, I was surprised that there were quite a handful of turmeric considering the pot size is quite small. I would consider this good harvest.  These portion can last me a few cookings :) and the leaves can be used to cook Rendang Ayam.  I usually marinade chicken with homegrown turmeric.  I have planted some ginger too which is due for harvesting too. I am so excited to see my small space now full of edibles :) Happy gardening to myself and I hope to share more harvests in my next posts .  Meanwhile enjoy my homegrown turmeric :)

one the leaves have turned yellowish , it is time to harvest

some of the turmeric growns above the surface of the soil

I dig deeper and pleased to find more turmeric waiting for me :)

I am happy with my loot

the turmerics are quite big and plump

Happy Harvest !

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