Monday, 20 April 2015

Multiple Layers Mandevilla

When I bought this Mandevilla from the nursery, it was without any blooms.  Out of desperation, I trusted the lady at the nursery who sold me this plant and took it home with me.  I wanted the pink color and she told me that it is pink and that's it pink it will be.  After a year, it still did not bloom....and I went searching for two month ago for a companion for my 1st Mandevilla.   Hahaha,,,,and guess 1st Mandevilla started to bloom when it saw my new Mandevilla was blooming like nobody business.  And only today, I noticed that it was a different specie...this has multiple layers of delicate, crepe paper- thin petals.....Wow....I could not help admiring the beautiful flowers...they look like a rose...sweet and delightful for my soul.  

God is good...patience paid I can look at these beautiful multiple layers of delicate crepe paper-thin petals all the days of my life.  Going to take good care of it. It needs sunshine and water and plenty of fertilizers.  They are vines and are hardy and easy to take care.  I am indeed so happy that tears just rolled down my cheek this morning :)

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