Monday, 6 April 2015

My 1st Harvest Of Homegrown Mulberries

I have seen many of my friends harvesting their mulberries and I could not wait for mine to bear fruits .  A friend taught me how to make them bloom a plenty. I need to keep trimming them often and the more branches you have the more fruits you will get.  Anyway, this is my 1st harvest and it brought me tremendous JOY even though the fruits is skinny but to me it is a joy to my mulberry tree produces fruits after almost a year of waiting patiently for it to fruit.  I bet the second harvest will be more and bigger fruit.  I have trimmed the plant and added organic fertilisers ( chicken poo ) to the keeping my fingers crossed that it will bear more fruits and bigger in size too :)

a joy to watch them bearing fruits for the first time

not enough to make jam but as a snack for the first time
it is good enough for me :)

Screaming for joy seeing its first fruiting 

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