Monday, 11 May 2015

Peach Double Layers Hibiscus

If you have read one of my post on how to rid mealy bugs and white flies from hibiscus plant , you will know that I almost gave up on this hibiscus plant.  But after treating them...they are now free from white flies and alphids and are growing healthy and keeping me happy with their many blooms. I simply love them...their peach color petals swaying to the breeze is a sight to behold.   Often prunnings will make them bloom often and plentiful blooms too.  Their petals are paper thin and in many shades of peach in one bloom...from dark peach to light peach....again glory to God for being such a creative and artistic designer :)  You can check it out here for the treatment of alphids on your plants beside hibiscus plants.  It works for me as you can see how healthy they are now :)

free from alphids and mealy bugs and now flowering well too

swaying with the breeze so beautiful !


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