Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Piano Needs Frequent Tuning

I noticed my kids love music at the age of three.  They will dance to the rhythm of the music whenever a musical programme is aired on tv.  And that was when I decided to send them for piano classes. The music teacher told me that they can start classes as soon as they know the alphabets and numbers.  I was happy when they could recite their alphabets and numbers when they were three and half years old. That was the start of their music lessons.  And that was the start of hardwork for me...I have to make sure they practice half an hour each day ....playing the music notes they learn from the previous lessons.  And making sure they bend their fingers correctly ...checking their posture..and every time they sloughed , I smacked their back so that they will sit up straight. That was my job to see that they practice at the piano everyday .  

And not to forget that every year the piano need to be tuned by the piano tuner.  I was lucky to have a tuner who is my church member :) and was charged for a small fee only. The tuning hammer is the most important gadget he carried with him. This wench will enable him to keep the piano in tune. All the hard work pays off and today my kids are good in playing the piano.  Playing the piano helps to destress a person and can be considered a good therapy for highly strung people . It soothes the soul and keeps one calm.

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