Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Planting Spring Onions From Bulbs

Homegrown spring onions from bulbs. Spring onion is my all time favorite greens. It can be eaten raw or cooked.  Use as garnishing or added to soup for extra flavor.  I grow them often as I used them in large quantity for making kimchi.  It is easy to grow and you can grow them from bulbs...need full morning sun and partial shade in the afternoon.  Thrive well in loose soil and add organic fertilizer like compost tea before planting the bulbs. 

 The bulbs have to be soaked in water for an hour and snip off a bit of the top to speed growth. 

thrive well in loose soil, treat the soil with organic fertilizer
a few days before planting the bulbs...plant them 3" apart

cover the bulbs with loose soil and sprouts will appear 
after 4  or 5 days

grow well in morning full sun and partial shade in the afternoon

water them every day...make sure the water can drain off easily
or the bulbs will rot and you will not have a good harvest.
Can harvest after two weeks

keep the harvested spring onions in air tight container in the fridge
can keep for a month...make sure not to wet the spring from the garden 
to the fridge :)

Enjoy !

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