Monday, 11 May 2015

Purple Dresses Online

A friend of mine was looking for a purple color dress.  It is hard to get a range of different shades of purple to choose from . They either come in dark purple or a shade she does not like.  She was frustrated. So I asked her to check online and see if she can get the purple color she likes. There are many shades of purple and she may like the color but the design may not appeal.  I asked her why particularly be purple color...why not pink or blue? She said she is invited to be maid of honor for her friend's wedding and their color theme is purple.  Thus, the urgency to search for a specific purple color.  I remembered that there is a website that has a wide range of Purple Prom Dresses . Very beautifully designed too and very apt for weddings to prom parties.

She was so happy that I came to her rescue and that I  recommended the right site to her...hahaha she doesn't know that my gal and I have been searching high and low for an appropriate dresses for the coming garden wedding.  She managed to get one that suits her best and they have her size. She was so happy with her purple prom dress online purchase.  And she picked a few more dresses too making her purchase more that £500 and guess what she automatically entitled to free shipping!  What a great surprise for her and she was  grateful to me for recommending to her this website :)  What are friends for...we are to share our knowledge and help one other.  Of the many dresses she bought, one is for my son's wedding this coming month :)  So super duper happy that my friend finally managed to get the right shade of purple that she wanted  :)  I know she will look gorgeous in her maid of honor dress.

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