Thursday, 27 August 2015

3rd Harvest Of Homegrown Mulberries

My mulberry plants are not producing much of late.  This is the third harvest and the fruits are getting smaller and smaller.  Guess I have neglected it and time to revive the plants or to replant a new one. Maybe I shall plant a bigger specie.  Okay, next assignment is to look for the longer type :)  I froze the small harvest in tupper and hopefully I can collect enough to cook a small bottle of mulberry compote and use them in my cupcakes.  However, I thank God for the plant being fruitful though in small quantity.

The leaves can be used as a dish - deep fried in tempura style or boils the leave  with dates as a drink and the fruits can be eaten fresh or cooked them with sugar and make into jam.

it must be darker color before is sweeter

I stored the fruits in tupper and froze them in freezer

Enjoy and have  a great day !

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  1. Oh yes, your mulberry is getting bigger ! I need to plant mine to the ground. Otherwise, it won't grow at all. Too bad.... no space !