Friday, 27 November 2015

4th Harvest of Homegrown Mulberries

Wheeeee.....I was away for almost two weeks and came home to a bunch of ripening mulberries. Whoa...the fruits are big , sweet and juicy. I plucked them as they ripen...this time , it was dark red..almost like blackberries and surprising the birds did not come and take their share of it.  I have used Fish Amino Acid as organic fertiliser and I am really happy with the result.  After every fruiting, I will trim the plant and let it sprouts new branches and meanwhile time to feed them FAA.  Check out my post on homegrown mulberry post before using FAA, they fruits were skinny and dry.

to see the difference between before and after applying FAA to the plant

How to make your own FAA ? It is easy

1 part blended fish guts to 1 part brown sugar. Mix together and store in air tight container. Keep in dark place for 3 months.  

Use 1 tsp of  FAA to 1 litre of water as fertilizer for your fruit trees and veggies every 10 days

Another link for making FAA

they fruits are bigger and sweeter after using FAA

they do look like blackberry color when they ripen on tree

the big ones will be eaten straight from the tree to the mouth
and the smaller ones I kept them in freezer for making jam

Enjoy and have a nice day!


  1. Beautiful mulberries! I just started to plant also. Would like to know for the FAA, do you buy the fish guts from market?

    1. Hi Min, yes..I collect from the UTC market in town. Just ask for the fish trash...they will give you free if you buy fish from them .if not just buy a :) love all your recipes :)

    2. Okay, thanks! Will ask my dad to get me some from the market.