Thursday, 3 December 2015

Busy Shopping For Christmas Gifts

I can't believe it that Christmas is just around the corner..... house cleaning to be done, christmas eve dinner menu to prepare and the most enjoyable and yet brain storming shopping to be done.  I have to seriously sit down and do some surfing and see what to get for my two sons.  One loves music and the other loves cameras.   It is so much easier to get for the two daughters ... * wink 

Ok , first I think I will head over to musical store MF and see what they have in store for Christmas. I am sure they have special Christmas sales going on. If there are , I am sure to get Piggy Josh something from there since he loves music.  I can't wait for them to be back celebrating the joyous occasion of Christmas together.  Food and music are a match made in heaven.  

Shopping online has become my favourite past time and it has made shopping so much easier. Hassle free and we can shop in comfort :)

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