Thursday, 22 December 2016

Water Gems Taken With My New Sigma 30mm 1:1.4 DC Lens

These water droplets which I named them water gems were taken with my new lens Sigma 30mm 1:1.4 DC at different settings and I am happy with the results...I know I still have a long way to go . I find taking water droplets such joy and can be addictive.  They look look like gems...don't you think so :)

Upgraded To Nikon D7000 And Sigma 30mm 1:1.4 DC

I have taken a bold step when I accepted a gift from my son , elevating me to the Nikon D7000 series and a semi-pro lens Signa 30mm 1:1.4 DC and I now look forward to more shooting assignments from hubby :)  2017 will be a great photography journey for me as I know I will have lots of fun shooting with the new dslr camera and lens. 

Awesome lens , it is great for hand held shots in dim room and perfect for food photography. I know I am going to love it !  Thank you son for this gift. Christmas came early for me by two weeks :)

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Random Shots Taken With My Raynox DCR250 Lens

I am having a great time testing out my Nikon with close up lens and in these two years I have been experiencing the beautiful nature around me.  Taking shots with a blur background known as Depth of Field in the photography world is indeed a skill.  I have managed to get the blur background in these photos and I am proud to say ,even though it may not be a professional one but at least I managed to capture it well :)  Okay, I know it is not good to sing one's praise but I needed it to inspires me to take up close-up photography further.

I love my Raynox DCR250 lens very much and I carry it with me wherever I go with my Nikon :) my soulmate for now- that's what my hubby said :p

Enjoy and have a great weekend!

What A Infinity Looper Pedal Can Do For A Musician

A guitar loop pedal records short passages played on an instrument and plays them back in a repearing loop. Infinity pedal is a very useful practice tool for a guitarists. Usually a loop pedal is used to create a backing that a musician plays along with. A loop pedal is a great way to experiment with different mixes of rhythm guitar parts.

Here are some of things you can do with it.

Practice Solo - Record yourself short chord progressions and practice solo over them. You can record just a few bars of the backing that you're working on and the pedal will repeat it for as long as you want. And this makes creating long backing tracks to work with a snip.

Practice Rhythms - Backing loops can also be used to work on rhythm guitar playing for you. A simple chord backing will also help you keep in time and hear how your rhythm licks sound within the context of a chord progression.

Compose Songs -  A loop pedal makes it easy for you to capture ideas and also to build your own harmonies or even compose new songs.

Practice Recorder - Use a loop pedal as a convenient recorder for your practice and playing to see how you're progressing. It can also store music from favourite recordings and jam tracks or drum rhythm patterns for practice backings.

A guitar loop pedal is not only a practice tool, it can also transform you into a one man band where you can play rich multi-instrument songs all by yourself.

Build up song performances with percussive rhythm sounds, bass line and chord backing, then solo or sing over the resulting mix. Search for "loop pedal" on You Tube to find some amazing performances to inspire you.

In conclusion, a guitar loop pedal is a fun and versatile practice and performance tool that allows a guitarist to explore new musical dimensions.

Use your infinite looper pedal to instantly create any backing you like to practice with, as a versatile recording device for practice and composing, or even to give impressive performances as a one man orchestra.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Flowers Of Taiwan Gao Gei

I planted Taiwan Gao Gei for their leaves and not so much for the flowers.  Because I am out of state most of the time, I didnt have the time to harvest the leaves and cook them and thus it has been growing taller by the days without harvesting any of the leaves , last week it started flowering when I was back from visiting my daughter. My lucky day, I managed to see it flowering.  Took the camera out and starting shooting away.  Now I have the whole process, from when it started budding to full blooms.  Beautiful purplish sweet and they blooms in cluster.  The blooms lasted only for 3 to 4 days :) so we don't get to see the whole cluster of flowers.

I am not sure whether the flowers are edible but the leaves are great for making soup . After having witnessed the whole process of the flowers blooming , I harvested the leaves and cooked them in anchovy soup with an egg.  Taste delicious!

beautiful purple buds

so happy to see the full bloom

love this serene !

the flowers can only laste 3-4 days

if only they bloom at the same time then will have a beautiful cluster of purple flowers

close-up of flowers

This is my first time seeing the blooms of Taiwan Gao Gei

on the 3rd or 4th day, the flowers turned to darker purple pink
before they dropped off

Hope you enjoy as much as I do :)

Colorful Cosplay Wig

Wearing wigs are the in thing now.  One can have any hair fashion for the day and yet looks elegant and beautifu and natural.  They are many types of wigs available and can be purchase online. They are human hair lace front wig  besides synthetic ones.  But as for some who have allergies , they can have the human hair wig.  It looks natural too.  A close friend was telling me the other day that I should wear wig to cover up the grey hairs and wearing a wig will help hide my hair drop problem.  Mmmm...I am still thinking about it.  I know that I will have lots of fun having new hair style for different dinner functions that I will be attending in the near future.  Girls Day out with my daughters and bloggers meet up...whoa, the more I think about it the more excited I am getting :) For a change maybe an Alfro look  for the coming Christmas party ....hahaha no one will recognised me for sure!

There are also Colorful Cosplay Wig for people who loves costume play and who loves to dress like their anime idols.  Every year they have competition dressing like their anime idols like Sailor Moon and all.  Now looking at what this website has to offers, I know this is where they got their colorful cosplay wig from.  A wide range of cosplay wigs to choose from.  

I am quite intrique by this Sailor Moon Small Lady wig which is of synthetic material and is capless , has middle parting and  has medium hair length, comes in pink and it fits all sizes . My friend's daughter is crazy over Sailor Moon small Lady and I heard she is joining the anime competition in 2017.  Now I know where she can get the wig from. She will be thrill to bits , one item solved.  Now she just have to get the costume tailored and she will be a good replica of  Sailor Moon Small Lady  :)  Can't wait to tell my friend where her daughter can the cosplay wig from !

Monday, 28 November 2016

Long Legged Fly - Taken With Built-In- Flash On

I am really proud of myself...after having lessons and lessons on macro photography from the hubby...these macro photos of the long legged fly has made him PROUD.   I  have indeed improved by leaps and bounds. I will NEVER say "I am too old to learn" ! I did it!   First time learning to use the built-in-flash though and the pictures turned out great.

With the naked eye, you see a small tiny fly with a faint luminous blue on its body but with the close-up lens and using the Nikon D3200 built-in flash set at 1/8 , I managed to get this beautiful shot . You can even see the hairs on its body so clearly. And it brings out the beautifully color of green, blue, metallic gold or silver.  A simple tiny fly , once magnified through the macro lens, you see something so awesome!  This is a good fly to have in the garden. 

Hubby is proud of my achievements and he is constantly guiding me through my photography journey. Taken with the entry level Nikon D3200 with 35mm 1.8g lens attached with Raynox dcr 250 close-up lens.

Long Legged Fly - beneficial insects for the garden

love this shot.....

beautiful insect predator....

Long-legged flies species (Dolichopus spp.) in the Galveston-Houston region
 are slender and often beautifully colored with green, blue, metallic gold or silver.

learning how to use the built in flash  pays off ....

another great shot


Friday, 18 November 2016

Pollinator For Eggplant - Stingless Bee

Stingless Bees are great pollinators for our garden plants especially for  eggplant and calamansi .  I managed to take a few shots of them busy working on my eggplants. A beautiful sight to behold and if you want to know more of these stingless bees or kelulut bees, click here for more information on them.  Besides being helper pollinators, they produces honey... and some believe that their honey are highly antimicrobial and has an even stronger medicinal value compared to New Zealand's Manuka honey.  Many of my gardener friends are trying  to be beekeepers too.  Interesting hobby I would say.  

my lil helper at work :)

look at the pollen sticking on their legs

they rely entirely on flower nectar and pollen for food,
 they are important pollinators of many forests and plants.


job accomplished...soon the eggplant will appear :)

successfully pollinated by the stingless bee
the swelling shows eggplant flower is successfully pollinated

few days later,the appearance of  eggplant 

a week later, it grows to this size

and it is now time to harvest the mini eggplant :)

thank you to the stingless bee for being the busy pollinator


Friday, 11 November 2016

Perak First McDonald Outlet To Close After 30 Years

It did not seem so long ago but reality struck when I read in the papers that our favorite McD outlet is closing . Yes, it was true after all and it really was 30 years ago. This outlet brought back many sweet memories . We were happy way back then when it first opened as it meant we did not have to drive all the way to KL just to enjoy McD .. it was really like a treat back then. A Big Mac was a sight to behold and I could eat two ! 

When we had our kids this was their favorite place for birthdays as it was food,icecreams and swimming in a huge pool of coloured balls.!    Many kids had similar activities too and some met here for group studies as they grew up. 

So we decided one morning after our marketing to just take the 'skybridge' across to McD. This in itself was a first for us as there was no over head bridge back then. We ordered two McD breakfast and sat strategically at a table so that we could observe the goings on. It was rather sad as just being there brought a flood of memories , 30 years of it. Many people were shocked that this iconic landmark is soon to be no more. In any case ,we were here just one last time and took pictures for the album ad they served their soon to be last breakfast . Goodbye McD sniff sniff sniff it's been a good 30 years.

This McDonald outlet holds sweet memories for 
us especially my kids :)

Refraction Inside Water Droplets

Since I learned about refraction photography, I am always on the ready to shoot water droplets on leaves and flowers, after a heavy shower.  I have yet to get near to a perfect one but I know I have progressed far since I took up photography after having bought a DSLR camera.   Will never let the camera be a white elephant :p  I am proud of myself , dare to dream and having a positive attitude what my kids and ubby would want to see in me :)

Thank you guys for being there for me and guiding me along !

Set A Goal 
That Makes 
You Want To 
Jump Out of
Bed In The Morning

Elegant Dresses For Mother Of Bride

Come year end and Christmas, there will be lots of wedding events to attend.  My friend's daughter is getting married come December 11th in Singapore and it is a church wedding.  Josie is looking for a few elegant dresses for her daughter's wedding and her regular designer is away in London for her year end vacation.  Thus, she is looking for online boutique and she found some very elegant and beautiful dresses . At, she managed to see some elegant ones fit for a queen. They have a wide range of stylish and  elegant mother of bride dresses to choose from and Josie is super happy that she managed to find a few suitable ones for the long awaited grand day.  I know how excited and happy a mother can be for I have gone through the same emotions. 

Friday, 28 October 2016

Differential Grasshopper - Melanoplus Differentialis

Differential grasshopperMelanoplus differentialis, is one of the largest of grasshopper species,
 at 1 ½" - 1 ¾" long. They are yellow to green colored and have distinct chevron markings on the femur of its jumping leg.

I found this differential grasshopper resting on my Mulberry plant.  I took a picture of it and was lucky to get a closer look at it.  It has a unique color...yellow body with green spots on its body. I googled for its name and it says it is a differential grasshopper.  It rested a while and it flew off.  Thank God that it flew away after half an hour.  I can't kill a grasshopper anyway :p and thankfully, it did not eat up the leaves of my mulberry plant and the berries were not touched too .

Damage  excerpt taken from here
Both adult and nymph stages of grasshoppers damage plants by chewing holes in the leaves. They will also feed on flowers and fruit. They are voracious feeders, consuming approximately one-half of their body weight per day. Eventually they will eat the whole leaf, and in some cases, the entire plant.
Grasshoppers feed on both grasses and broadleaf plants, which includes many edible garden and ornamental plants. Adults usually move into yards and gardens in July and August.