Tuesday, 5 January 2016

A Great Day With The Extended Family @ Concubine Lane, Ipoh

When my new daughter Elaine came visiting with her mom and her sister, WB and I took them to eat in old town, Ipoh but her favorite shop was closed on that day...anyway, since we were in the vicinity, we visited Concubine Lane which has turned into a tourist attraction.  The place was crowded with tourists from Singapore and northern state.  Quite interesting I would say. Even though I eat in old town most of the time when I do my banking, I hardly step into Concubine Lane. I was amazed at how the lane has turned into a busy place.  

Why is it named Concubine Lane ? In the old days, rich chinese tycoons were supposed to have kept their concubines and mistresses in the townhouse here.  Thus, the naming of this lane - Concubine Lane.

up and coming artist - you can have your portrait drawn on the spot

the other entrance of  Concubine Lane...I love the vintage
advertisement board at top left 

saw a queque at the 'tau foo fah ' shop and
we too join the queque and had our share of the
tasty tau foo fah...

my new daughter Elaine and her mom YC and sister Yvonne
and friend Ananias..and that handsome ' young man ' besides
Elaine is of course the Wild Boar :p 

and the one in the center is Elaine's new mom :)

after having tasted this...I know I will come back for more :)

Elaine with her two moms :)

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