Saturday, 2 January 2016

First New Year Smile From My Turmeric Plant - First Bloom

First smile from my year old turmeric plant and on New Year day :)   I was pottering around and suddenly I saw the first bloom...Gosh ! I was so happy...ran into house and got hold of my old fatihful Canon Powershot and clicked away .  Now proudly showing off the first bloom and my first time seeing a turmeric flower.  A good sign for 2016 ...God is good all the time and all the time God is good.  I never had success in planting edibles and now this is good sign that there will be a good harvest coming from this turmeric plant :)

I have a new Nikon D3200 but have not master it yet so meanwhile please bear with these photos.  I promised to quickly master it and will have more beautiful photos for My Knick Knacks blog.  Stay tuned for further updates.

Happy New Year to all and may all of you have a blissful 2016

 the ants are having a nice time with the sweet nectar
God provides their daily needs too :)
what more we who are after His image!

God Bless !

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