Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Bali - Jln Legian/ Jln Keborokan - Shopping Paradise - Part 3

For us ladies here, we really enjoyed walking along Jln, Legian and Jln Keborokan.  Truly a shopping paradise for us.  We love arts and crafts and for me, not just the shopping is fun. I enjoyed trying out my new Nikon , taking shots of all stuff at different settings and mind you... I am pleased with the Nikon and me being able to handle it,  All the photos turned out good :)  

love the deco inside the the younger girls were looking
at the clothes, I was busy shooting the lamp...
beautiful lamp shade
taken with 35mm f1.8 lens
with natural lighting

love this shot...

the younger girls enjoy strolling along this road
in sunny weather...and the older girl aka Elin was 
busy taking photos of the place :)
the guys went to another place coz they cant tag along
while we shop. They went for a drink..bonding time
for son and dad while we shop till we drop :p

we came to this wood craft shop
selling all my favorites wooden bowls, pizza base etc
I managed to lug back a pizza base and salad bowl :p

would love to lug all these back but
knowing WB, he will faint seeing my loot

since I cant lug back all these beautiful hand crafted kitchen ware
I will just take a photo of what to buy on my next trip :)

beautiful wooden bowls and boards

I can't help going through all the stuff in the shop..fingering the
delicate sauce dish...mmmm I only wish I could
buy back all the stuff hahaha WB will faint

my girls Joanna and  Elaine loves all the glass lamps in this shop

beautiful lamps

they too wished they could lug back some of the glass lamps 

see how beautiful the glass lamps are

this is what caught my eyes too but too bad cant
lug them back so we just admire them
drink in the beauty as much as we could

statue of a Balinese girl sending out a greeting

beautiful dreamcatchers  - but unfortunately for us the shop was closed for that day
or we would have lug one back

love this quote 

another shop selling wooden kitchen wares

art and crafts shop..we spent almost an hour here looking
through all the stuffs and as usual can't lug 
them back..our luggage fare is for only 20kg
my wooden pizza board and salad bowl
has taken a bulk of the 20kg :p

saw this beautiful lamp shades ( handmade )
could not resist taking a pic of it
awesome !

I want to go back to this beautiful island again.  Their handmade crafts and arts bewitched me ! The people are warm and beautiful in characters....always smiling !  

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